Electric and Data Specifying

Modular Electric, Data, Telecom Simplified
Toledo Furniture is a system of standard components you, our dealer and your customers’ configure to create
furniture solutions. Our configuration system optimizes design flexibility for the customers’ space and budget.
We believe this approach maximizes total value and benefit to our customers’.
In support of this concept Toledo Furniture, Inc. has developed this specification and product guide to enable
our dealers and designers to incorporate electric, data, telecom and multi-media technology into our furniture
products so the finished product is a coordinated system and not separate technologies that you hope will fit
properly when installed.
This guide is intended to simplify the process of selecting and specifying these technologies into our furniture.
Images, diagrams and product names are reprinted with permission from the owner. Items are noted if UL listed
or CSA certified.
The guide consists of 6 sections as follows: Sections 1 and 2; Determining electrical needs and how to specify
the system. Section 3, Product Family Image Gallery are pictures of each style of power and data unit. Section
4, Telecom Plate Configurations shows a variety of the most popular types of data, telecom, computer and video
connector configurations. Section 5, are mounting instructions for PMH, Power Module Holders and Simplex.
Section 6, is a part list consisting of the product part code and a detailed description of each component style
and power data unit.