Grafco Division

Grafco Inc., a division of Toledo Furniture, specializes in the manufacturing of computer furniture designed for educational environments. We provide space and utility solutions for all ages and room configurations.

Our product list is comprised of Flip-Top Tables, J-Channel Tables, Home Plate Computer Tables, Wall Mounted Tables, Designer Tables, Arts and Science Tables, Activity Tables, Sloped Monitor Drop, Crank Operated Adjustable Height, Custom Designed Tables, Pentagon-Shaped Tables, Trapezoid-Shaped Tables, Innovative Shapes, Multi-Media Carts and Carrels and Lecterns. Accessories and options for Grafco products include Keyboard Pull-Out, CPU Holder, Heavy Duty Casters, Leg Inserts, Raised Shelf, Chairs, Vertical Cable Management and Electrical capabilities.

Our rapid and steady growth is the result of our products and policies exceeding the needs of our customer base. Our high rate of repeat purchases is an indicator of our quality products.

Flip-Top Tables: Computer tables with enclosed troughs for cable management.Available in standard 4-legged and cantilever frames.
J-Channel Tables: Computer tables with “J-Channel” for management.Available in standard 4-legged or cantilever frames.
Home Plate Computer Tables: Ingenious shape promotes optimum instructor-to-student focus.
Wall Mounted Tables: Efficient space-saver makes maintenance easy.


The structural integrity of GRAFCO tables, carrels, and carts, comes from a unitized, 16 gage, fully-welded, tubular steel frame. Carrel and table legs are 16 gauge, 1.25″ square tubular steel with 1.25″ diameter nylon, non-staining leg levelers featuring heavy-duty 0.31″ screw-in stems. Legs on cantilever tables are 1.0″ x 1.5″ tubular steel. All carrel, table, and cart aprons have 16 gauge, 1.0″ x 1.5″ tubular steel, framing the underside of the work surface on all sides. TT series troughs are held in place by two horizontal steel undersupports, welded integral to the frame.



Work surfaces, flipper lids, back and side panels, and other wood items are constructed with 0.75″ thick, high quality, striated, medium density, 120 gram institutional grade laminate thermofused board. Optionally, any standard HPL may be selected and applied to the particle board substrate, with a backer sheet for balanced construction. High impact resistant, rounded, thick mill PVC edging is machine applied to all exposed edges for durability and to prevent warping through moisture infiltration. We do not use t-Molding.

Cabinets and Carrels are constructed to standard architectural quality requirements with superior strength and weight capacity.



Cable troughs and J-Channels are FULL table width. The interior dimensions of both are 6.25″ from bottom to top, and 5.5″ front to back. The fully-enclosed TT-Series trough has 3.5″ diameter grommets (see below), at both ends, for networking with adjacent tables. It also has three 2.0″ diameter openings, two in trough bottom and one in the middle of the front wall, so as to allow easy cable access from any direction.

GRAFCO products are designed for strength, durability, and convenience. In keeping with the latter goal, we offer many accessories which can be factory installed, or, in many cases, retro-fitted at your facility.



A1 Straight Pull-Out

A3 Articulating Keyboard Pull-Out .


Keeps your CPU protected and off the floor.Available for both 4-legged and cantilever frame.