Modern Plastics

Modern Plastics, a division of Toledo Furniture, is a custom contract manufacturer of laminated components, desktops, countertops, cabinets, millwork, office and hospital furniture, and store fixtures. We specialize in post forming. Modern Plastics has over 50 years of manufacturing experience and is the largest custom post forming operation on the entire East coast! Our factories are computerized and operated by professionals using the latest technology in precision machining. We manufacture any size, shape, or quantity in any laminate finish and we offer the complete range of edge treatments.

We offer 2MM, 3MM, PVC tape edge banding, post form, and contoured shapes.

Modern Plastics is the choice manufacturer for the following industries: store fixtures, cabinetry, architectural millwork, computer furniture for home or office, school furniture, dormitory furniture, hotel and motel furniture, and hospital furniture. The companies we manufacture for understand the tremendous advantage and attainable profits that come from outsourcing.

Modern Plastics’s superior designs services gives us the ability to produce the highest quality plastic laminated products available on the market today. We are able to produce simple to highly complex plastic laminate or solid surface products using your designs or ours. Our facilities have been strategically designed to accommodate large and small productions runs.

Modern Plastics is a custom contract manufacturer of high quality plastic laminate products since 1955. Our factories are profoundly computerized and operated by highly skilled professionals using only the best technology in precision machining.

We manufacture any size, shape, or quantity in any laminate finish and offer the entire range of edge treatments. Modern Plastics is the largest custom postforming operation on the entire East Coast and we are genuinely proud of our products being completely made in the United States.

  • Products We Specialize In:
    • Desktops
    • Countertops
    • Millwork
    • Cabinets
    • Office and Hospital Furniture
    • Store Fixtures

Modern Plastics manufactures plastic laminated components, solid surface products, work surfaces, desktops, and cabinetry. We build for office furniture manufacturers, store fixture manufacturers, architectural millwork firms, and many others.

Modern Plastics offer 2MM, 3MM, PVC tape edge banding, post form, t-molded tops, and contoured shapes. Our computerized contour edge banding machinery enables us to create the shapes and curves designers want today.

We are the manufacturer of choice for companies who recognize the tremendous advantage and profits of outsourcing.

  • What We Do
    • Automated Post Forming
    • High Pressure Laminated Tops and Panels
    • PVC, 2MM and 3MM, Self-Edging
    • Automated Flat Panel Lay-Ups up to 5’ x 12’
    • Cut-to-Size Components
    • Complete Assembly Available
    • Laminated Cabinets
    • CNC Machining
    • Contract Manufacturing
    • Contour Edge Banding/Straight Line Edge Banding; 1, 2, or 3mm PVC, PVC Tape


Computerized equipment combined with remarkable design services gives Modern Plastics the capability to produce the highest quality plastic laminated products available on the market today. We can produce the simplest to the most complex plastic laminate or solid surface products using your design or ours. Our factories have been constructed to accommodate both small and large production runs.

  • Our Equipment Includes:
    • Schelling Panel Saws
    • Automated Post Forming Line
    • CNC Heian Machine Centers
    • Homag Edge Banders
    • Cold Press System for Laminating Panels
    • Challoner Double-End Tenoner
    • Weeke CNC Machining Centers
    • Weeke Drill and Dowel Insertion Machine
    • AutoCAD Software/Master Cam
    • Cabinet Vision Software


Modern Plastics manufactures a variety of high-quality products and components.

Components: Modern Plastics manufactures high pressure plastic laminate components in any size, contour, color and quantity… from 1 to 10,000. With our computerized technology we can offer partial or completely assembled laminate components. Using your designs or ours, we will build durable, functional and attractive displays… cylinders, cubes, tables or anything else you may need.


Laminate desktops are a blend of simplicity and constancy with easy upkeep. High pressure laminate desktops can come in any size, shape, color, and quantity. We can help you build the desktop you need using our design or yours. Modern Plastics has over 50 years of experience working with laminated components and has become the largest custom postforming operation on the entire East Coast.


Laminate counter tops combine beauty, durability, and easy maintenance with affordability. Laminate countertops are economical and come in a collection of colors and patterns. Laminate is a colorful and durable surface that can liven up any space at a fraction of the cost of the alternative countertop options. Modern Plastics Corporation is a major manufacturer of plastic laminated countertops and melamine components for over 50 years. We produce work surfaces with edges of laminate, pvc tape, 1mm, 2mm, and 3mm pvc along with post-form tops. All are composed using CNC technology and automation. Our primary customers are office furniture, store fixture, and millwork manufacturers.


Modern Plastics is a “one stop shop” that provides its customers with a cost-effective outlet to achieve high quality plastic laminate custom cabinets, component parts, work surfaces, tops, and panels for millwork companies. We will manufacture partial or complete units from your designs or ours using Cabinet Vision software with predrill and bore for easy assembly.


From panels and shelving to windowsills, Modern Plastics is a customer’s full service stop for all their millwork needs. With a variety of styles and colors to choose from, the possibilities are endless. We can also build to your specifications using your designs.

Office and Hospital Furniture:

Modern Plastics produces high pressure plastic laminated work surfaces, desktops, components, custom cabinetry, and solid surface products for office and hospital furniture manufacturers and architectural millwork firms. We build to your specifications using your designs or we could design it for you.

Store Fixtures:

Computerized precision machining combined with your design, or ours, will produce the finest plastic laminated custom shapes for the store fixture industry. Custom store fixtures is one of our strongest crafts. In fact, many of the standard products we offer are born of listening to our customers and meeting their needs. We know that not everyone will find the exact store fixtures to meet their unique situation.

Why Get a Laminate Countertop?

  • Safer, more sanitary surfaces because there are no seams to collect dirt and germs.
  • Maintenance is minimal compared to stone which requires polishing and resealing.
  • Easily installed in both new and existing projects.
  • Design possibilities are practically endless with your choice of thousands of laminates, several edge profiles, and the option of having a backsplash or not.
  • Allows builders to create custom pieces that compliment postformed pieces.



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